Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flower Snow

After I attended the all-in-English Unitarian Universalist Church today, I took the Metro to where I thought I would easily find a Blues Benefit Concert venue called Le Mood's.  I had the address and you can always look on the "Map of the Area" boards as you leave the metro station to figure out where the streets are and in which way you should be heading.  I found my street easily enough and began to walk, and walk, and walk.  Until there was no more Rue du Montilier to follow.  So, I walked back up the street, as I have done many times before over the last three months, to see if I could find this seemingly phantom venue.

What I found instead was a beautiful little park, in amongst affordable housing (aka tall, large, white apartment buildings), with several large trees which were in full, pink, bloom.  Today the wind was blowing incredibly hard for Paris and the pink blossoms consequently had been blown from the trees and covered the entire area underneath the trees, on the sidewalk, on the playground, and all around the benches in the park.  It was so thick in fact that it looked like soft, pink snow was covering the ground.  To top it off, there was a lovely older man sitting on one of the benches, playing his guitar, simply for the enjoyment of it.  I sat for a while there as I pondered my next move.  Then, as I walked back to the Metro, a couple walking behind me called out, "Pardon, Madmoiselle", and then a string of French, and me awkwardly bowing slightly and admitting my inability to speak French.  The woman immediately said in a clearly Australian accent, "It's alright, dear, I speak English. We're looking for a place called Le Moods, do you know where it is?"  Hallelujah!  Someone who could speak French and English and who was looking for the same place as me, what luck. 

We ended up finding the place down a little passageway with a cobblestone road and beautiful hanging purple flowers on each side.  There I met a lovely gal who is visiting Paris for five weeks and got to listen to some fantastic blues music.  It's been a good Sunday.  I hope it has been for you too. 

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