Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starting Over

With Christmas just two days away, and New Years soon to follow on its heels, I suddenly feel the need to start over. I know, I know, typical response to the new year, but I guess I feel its the right thing to do. But what does that mean? Starting over. It sounds like a reality tv show to me, and my life, as of late, has almost felt like that. Drama, drama, drama. No more! "I am a new creation..." Paul said that, after being set free by Christ. What a turn around guy, seriously. I just realized that, he started off all on the wrong track, I mean, he felt like he was doing the right thing, and then God stopped him in his tracks. "We're starting over." I'm pretty sure that's what God said, "We're starting over."

I like clean slates. I mean, I really like clean slates. There is so much potential held in the pure whiteness of the board. My imagination goes wild with all the things that could be created upon its surface and it just makes me all giddy. So why not do the same with my life. Wipe the dirt off my knees, straighten the tangles out of my hair, and start all over again. Ah, and then the possibilities multiply, like dandelions in the early spring, shoving themselves through and showing their lovely yellow heads. What do I want? What matters to me? Who am I? I guess we'll see.