Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weirdest Thing I've Ever Eaten

I ate fried squid last night.  Unwittingly, I ordered a calamara taco from the most delicious Spanish food place in Paris, thinking that I would be getting shrimp, or something.  You know, the problem is that I just assumed calamara was a French word and that it wouldn't be little, fried squid creatures mixed all up together with a little bit of lettuce and guacamole staring back up at me on my plate.  I was with a bunch of other au pair girls and felt my ego shrinking from the idea of letting these 10 strangers know my ignorance concerning what calamara is and thus pushed a few tentacles back onto the tortilla and took my first bite.  My stomach turned.  The taste reminded me of when I used to eat the dried flakes we'd give my cousin's fish.  I felt a tentacle, twisty-turny and far to noticeably squidy.  And then I just started scarfing it and intensely attempting to listen and interact with the conversations around me.  I ate that whole taco, 15 little squid creatures and all.  And I will never do it again.

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