Tuesday, January 22, 2013

La Vie en rose

I'm happy.  And it's just that.  I am single and fully content.  I work the job of a stay-at-home mom, with more free time.  A lot of times, I think that perhaps I'm crazy for being so incredibly happy, like society would like me to believe differently, that being single is less, that working a job that gains me no recognition is base, that I cannot truly be happy.  But I am.  My life is full of breath and adventure and laughter.  Snow and bubbles and cupcakes and chocolate bars.  Discussions about why snow is white and why you do need to put your gloves on before playing in the snow. 

And the number one thing that I have realized, in amongst all the laughter and the simple day to day living that is my work and my life, is that it really is the small things that matter most.  If I never become a famous scientist, never discover the Naturopathic cure for cancer, never have my name known throughout the world as an incredible feminist and activist, it will be okay.  More than okay.  Because life isn't about being known, or being the most admired.  Life is about being completely enraptured exactly where you are.

So, enjoy life's little blessings, be enraptured by the awesomeness of simply being, and take a bubble bath, because I can promise you, that will bring a smile to anybody's face.

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