Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year and Happy School Year

Amazingly, I am happy its a new year and a new school year. It seems appropriate to have the new semester start at the beginning of the new year; every things different and you have every opportunity to change how you have been doing things. Over break I began to realize how selfish I have been with my friends, my family, and my school. I always think of myself before I do anything and I have not considered the feelings of those around me. Thank God for a new year. I suppose I feel like I have the excuse now to start all over. And perhaps also I have the ability to. I spent a lot of time thinking over break and a lot of time praying. It really became apparent to me how much I have been hurting those around me because I have been expecting so much of them, when I have not been giving to THEM at all. Terrible. But thank goodness that someone was willing to knock me up side the head and say, "Hey, stop being a butt head!"

So, here's a little encouragement, if we show love and interest for others, it is bound to come back around to us full circle. And this counts for stuff that isn't so positive too.

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